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Health FM Radio Programmes

1 Meditation & Exercise Early Morning Meditational Talk & Exercises / 4 unique recordings per week
2 Motivational Health Talk Health Motivational Talk (incl. positive thinking, etc) / 4 unique recordings per week
3 Health News Today A Review of Newspaper News Stories from the Health Sector (National & Intl.)./ 4 unique broadcasts per week
4 Adolescent Health Health Talkshow for Adolescents & Their Parents, handled by an Expert / 1 recording per week
5 Talk to a Doctor Based on public complaint, a doctor analyses symptoms and prescribes or advises. A SMS code is provided for the public to send in health complaints./ 1 recording per week
6 Health News Roundup A summary of major news stories, bordering on the most up to date / 4 unique broadcasts per week
7 Health Dictionary A short filler which explains the meaning/definition of a medical term (e.g  Renal Failure, Dialysis, Cardiac Arrest, etc) / 2 unique recordings per week
8 The Examiner A public analyst’s perspective on a particular topic within the health sector.  An objective analysis which examines the state of affairs
9 Wayback: Interesting Stories from the Past A short story/ historical analogy of characters in the medical or health industry / 1 unique recording per week
10 I Make a Difference An interview of a professional or practitioner in the health sector to highlight the importance of his/her role in the system / 1 recording per week
11 NDLEA Half Hour A 30 minute sponsored programme on  the activities of NDLEA
12 Health News Update Updates on previous news roundup of the day
13 Mental Health Focus An expert talk show and advisory on how the public can take mental health precautions / 1 recording per week
14 The Joys of Motherhood A 30 minute programme on Children and Women’s health /  1 recording per week
15 Family Health A 30 minute programme on Family and Reproductive health /  1 recording per week
16 Music for the Soul This features  soul-inspiring music such as evergreen jazz, country music, blues, etc
17 The Other Choice Focus on alternative health therapies, including interviews, spotlights, etc / 1 recording per week
18 Growing Older Focuses on aging and targeted especially at listeners who have reached the age of 40. / 1 recording per week
19 Health News Recap A rehash of previous news
20 Save Our Souls (SOS) A programme dedicated to people with health challenges and who require support / 1 recording per week
21 Laughter is the Best Medicine Comedy skit to make listeners laugh / 4 unique recordings per week
22 Your Food; Your Health Food as Medicine; this expert programme examines the nutritious value of each food ingredient in a recipe. Focus isw on good nutrition./ 1 recording per week
23 The Environment and Your Health Programme on the Environment and how it affects human health. SDG-oriented / 1 recording per week
24 PharmaFocus Focus on the Pharmaceutical industry /  1 week recording
25 Wetin Government Dey Do Sef? Spotlight on Govt Activities, in the health industry / 1 recording per week
26 Doctor on The Street A vox pop whereby the presenter goes into the streets to ask questions on health related matters / 1 recording per week
27 Health Personality of the Month A monthly spotlight on a notable personality within the health industry and their achievements / 1 broadcast per month
28 NAFDAC Half Hour A 30 minute sponsored programme on  the activities of NAFDAC



The Examiner I Make a Difference The Joys of Motherhood Wetin Government Dey Do Sef?
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